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Thank you for your interest in Suffolk House for your upcoming celebration.

Due to the layout of the house with the large Marble Hall on the ground floor and the Grand Ballroom on the first floor, and the break out rooms on each level, we are able to accommodate almost every conceivable structure when it comes to the flow of guests for your event.

As a general rule, our capacity is summarized:

Ground floor




Air Conditioning

Marble Hall20018070Yes
Lower West 1 & 2, VIP30 (each)30 (each)Yes
Lower East 1 & 230 (each)30 (each)Yes
Lower East 1 & 230 (each)30 (each)Yes
North Lawn250150150 (marquee)
West Lawn350250300 (marquee)
First Floor (combined)250180Indoors Only
Grand Ballroom20020080Yes
Upper West 1 & 220 (each)20 (each)Yes

The booking process is very important to note that we accept bookings up to 2 years in advance, and much of the forthcoming six months have enquiries and firmed up reservations. As such, we offer a ‘save the date’ option which involves a payment of RM 1,000, which is deductible from any final balance, although unfortunately is non-refundable. We would hold your date for three months while you make your decisions.

A reservation is considered confirmed once we have agreed in principle, a menu and have an idea of the event. A 40% deposit of the projected total is then necessary to confirm the job.

Closer to the day of the event, we confirm menu, attendance numbers and a second payment of up to 80% of the projected expenditure. The balance of the event is due by agreement on the day or immediately after the event, depending on miscellaneous charges that may change on the day itself.

While all events are tailored to your requirements, we appreciate that you need some guide to help you make these important decisions so please consider the following information:

Click here to Download the House Venue Hire Rates Card 2016/17


Prices are in Malaysian Ringgit and subject to 6% GST (Goods & Service Tax)

These prices are very approximate. A wonderful day is achievable at a budget below what this table may indicate so please do let us know your requirements so we can give a more accurate quotation for you.

Call us at 04-228 3930 or fill in the reservation form below


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