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penang outdoor wedding

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Due to the layout of the house with the large Marble Hall on the ground floor and the Grand Ballroom on the first floor, and the break out rooms on each level, we are able to accommodate almost every conceivable structure when it comes to the flow of guests for your event.

As a general rule, our capacity is summarised:

Ground floor




Air Conditioning

Marble Hall20018070Yes
Lower West 1 & 2, VIP30 (each)30 (each)Yes
Lower East 1 & 230 (each)30 (each)Yes
Lower East 1 & 230 (each)30 (each)Yes
North Lawn250150150 (marquee)
West Lawn350250300 (marquee)
First Floor (combined)250180Indoors Only
Grand Ballroom20020080Yes
Upper West 1 & 220 (each)20 (each)Yes

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The booking process is very important to note that we accept bookings up to 2 years in advance, and much of the forthcoming six months have enquiries and firmed up reservations. As such, we offer a ‘save the date’ option which involves a payment of RM1,000, which is deductible from any final balance, although unfortunately is non-refundable. We would hold your date for three months while you make your decisions.

A reservation is considered confirmed once we have agreed in principle, a menu and have an idea of the event. A 40% deposit of the projected total is then necessary to confirm the job.

Closer to the day of the event, we confirm menu, attendance numbers and a second payment of up to 80% of the projected expenditure. The balance of the event is due by agreement on the day or immediately after the event, depending on miscellaneous charges that may change on the day itself.

See our official wedding planner


Prices are in Malaysian Ringgit


These prices are very approximate. A wonderful day is achievable at a budget below what this table may indicate so please do let us know your requirements so we can give a more accurate quotation for you.

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The best wedding dinner venue in penang Malaysia

If you are looking to plan an amazing and memorable wedding reception in Penang Malaysia, consider the concept of hosting an open-air garden wedding dinner. I have had the pleasure of attending an outdoors garden wedding in Penang, Malaysia, previously, and I can let you know that all of us merely had a blast.

Garden wedding venue in Penang - Malaysia

You might be questioning precisely what a garden wedding together is about. If that’s the case, I can let you know that it is similar to a garden dinner. If you find yourself planning your Penang garden wedding celebration, you’ve gotten two options as for what to do in regards to the venue. The first is that you would be able to try to create your personal venue. The second, and way more common, is to buy a wedding package out of your local wedding venue.

Wedding packages and invitations

The wedding celebration package will contain a ceremony, a specific number of guests (depending on how many people will be at your celebration), and dinner options for guests. In addition, many wedding packages in Penang include information which you can observe to have a enjoyable and successful party; and a few even come with presents to give to the winners of the game. Some guides let the celebration host understand how the murderer is; different kits let that be a surprise. When you’re throwing a wedding feast it’s important that your attendants are on time as well. Let your guests know this forward of time and require a simple RSVP early enough in the planning course. The worst factor that could occur is that your guests will be absent from the wedding celebration,– and how horrible would that be! Once you understand for certain who might be attending your ceremonial dinner, then it is time to ship to each particular person the information on the venue and time. As the wedding preparation progresses your guests will likely be providing one another with info which has come from your invitations. It is common for a wedding dinner party in Penang to, in between courses, that each guest will provides a toast for the couple. The only real limitation on the evening is your own creativeness and that of your wedding guests and family members who you invite. That is positively an off-the-cuff get together and one which it would be best to invite everyone you recognize to attend –particularly the “odder” folks in your life. To your wedding party!

Penang outdoor wedding venue and catering

In my opinion, nothing might be more enjoyable and challenging than planning a wedding reception in Penang (Malaysia). You need to use your creativity and really have some enjoyable time in your planning. The first thing it’s good to do is meet with the venue for wedding dinner in Penang. Earlier than any planning can take place, it is imperative that everyone be on the same web page and understands what the wedding will appear like once it is all deliberate out. Good planning and communication early within the process can go a good distance in direction of heading off potential issues later on. The wedding venue manager must let you know how much time shall be allotted for the occasion and at what time it will happen. As well as, what roll she needs to play in the celebration planning and within the occasion itself. Some venue managers choose to let the couple handle their complete wedding celebration from planning to the big day, whereas others want to have more of a say and an active roll in the planning and the occasion itself. To plan the occasion itself, ask the venue what meals they can serve. Would they have to go with snacks? Wholesome meals? Cupcakes and cookies? Discover out what is best and what’s going to make the least amount of mess in the wedding which must be cleaned up at the finish of the celebration. When the subject of wedding catering in Penang, Malaysia, comes up, this is a good time to ask if the venue can serve anything for the occasion, or it the couple might be paying for it themselves. Lots of occasions the funds for the celebration could have quite a bit to do with the catering planning for the party. The subsequent item for discussion is the drinks, if any, for the wedding party. Will the guests be drinking alcohol, or not? If the couple prefers to let the guests plan the drinks, while planning the wedding dinner with different guests it is always a good idea to be sure to have back-up plans in case one of the couple doesn’t want what they said that they want, or doesn’t present up the day of the wedding. One of the modern wedding celebrations for adults today is to have are cocktail parties. Even thought their reputation has fallen off over the last few decades, wedding cocktail parties have reappeared on the party scene and are now even more trendy than they ever have been before. While many garden wedding celebrations in Penang at the moment take pleasure in beer and wines, the blended drinks are actually starting to turn into increasingly more in vogue again. Nowadays while you walk right into a typical wedding, you will see many more people ordering combined drinks than they have in the last decade or two. Some of the hottest in the present day weddings are the apple martini, chocolate martini, dirty martini, and the cosmopolitan.

Planning the wedding reception in penang hotel

Probably the greatest issues about planning a wedding reception in Penang is that couples typically spend only a number of hours planning. In addition, the guests will probably be wandering round mingling and snacking moderately than sitting round a table eating a full meal with each other. This makes the reception perfect for inviting individuals who may or might not already know each other. One of the best things about planning a wedding reception is the truth that you may have just about any menu your need, so long as the food is complementary to the preferred blended drinks that is. Visitors who come to a small garden wedding celebration in Penang know that they’re solely there to snack, have a drink or two, and mingle. Due to this, you can supply all kinds of finger meals and be confident that everyone current will discover one thing agreeable to them. Listed here are some professional wedding planning s tips about hosting a reception that everybody will keep in mind and be speaking about:
  • Tip 1. – You will want far more food on your wedding dinner than you suppose you will. The standard rule of thumb is to have about a pound of fod per guest who might be in attendance. Nevertheless, I believe even a bit extra is advisable.
  • Tip 2. – Totally different drinks are consumed from different glass styles. Just be sure you have a large assortment of the appropriate glasses to your wedding guests. And, it’s always a good idea to have many extras. If you’ll be serving wine, it is a good idea to make use of wine glass charms so people will keep on with utilizing their same glass throughout the night.
  • Tip three. – An important part of your wedding celebration planning is ensuring you have got sufficient champagne at hand. Crucial of those supplies is your alcoholic beverages. An excellent bar ought to be stocked with the elements for every of your friend’s favorite drinks, or as a basic level at least those used to make the most popular drinks of the day, plus beer and wine.
  • Tip four. – Should you have no idea anything about mixing drinks, you’ll be able to always enlist the abilities of one of your pals or relatives to play bartender for the wedding evening; nevertheless, if you’ll be having a really large wedding reception at the hotel then you may want to think about hiring an expert bartender for the night. Many Penang catering wedding venues providers could have bartenders who can be just right for you at your party. They aren’t terribly expensive and do an exquisite job.
  • Tip 5. – If you find yourself hosting a wedding reception at the place alcohol is consumed, you should at all times offer food and coffee to your company in addition to ensure that they’ve a chosen driver to get them dwelling safely. Please don’t ever let your company drink and drive. It’s not safe for them and the other individuals on the road. And, it could possibly also land them in jail if they get in an accident after ingesting at your wedding. It merely isn’'t worth it!
As you’ll be able to clearly see, hosting an outdoors garden wedding reception in Penang just isn’t sophisticated and may offer you an exquisite excuse to have your friends and family over for an evening of good fun.

Do you prefer a small wedding in Penang, Malaysia?

If you’ll be having a really casual small wedding in Penang, you’ll be able to have some fun and send informal invitations. In case you are planning a way more formal wedding reception, then you are best to stay to professionally printed invitations as marriage is an important occasion.
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